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      Our products help you

      Unveil a new chapter of contact center

      Call Center

      Speak directly with customers, complete issues efficiently

      Out-of-the-box voice system, affordable and scalable

      Routing and IVR, intelligent distribution

      Know your customers better with call recordings, post-call transcripts, and lifecycle information


      Automate your service/sales with a powerful AI chatbot

      Messaging your customers with AI

      FAQ & Knowledge base

      Editable actions, triggers, API...

      Live Chat

      Make a real connection with customers instantly

      App\Web\Social media...Multi-channel integration

      Live messaging & personalized support

      Real time monitor, reports & analytics

      Ticketing System

      Collaboration and circulation, the central hub of customer support

      On-demand customization to optimise operation

      Real time monitoring, reminder and SLA

      Multi-channel integration and original channel reply

      Mail Support

      Streamline customer support with email management

      Multi-mailbox and Amazon buyer message integration

      Agent assistance and more useful tools

      Statistics, reports & analytics

      Sobot Call Center Sobot Chatbot Sobot Live Chat Sobot Ticketing System Sobot Mail Support

      The best customer experiences based on

      Industry-leading capabilities

      • Omnichannel
      • Statistics & Analysis
      • Sobot APP
      • One-stop Solution
      • Open API
      • On-premise Service
      Omnichannel Statistics Sobot APP Onestop Solution Open API On premise service


      Engage your customers across every channel

      Mail/Call/Chat/Ticketing/SMS/WhatsApp/Social media...

      One-stop solution for all the contact channels you can imagine

      Contact records, customer lists, labels, all stored in Sobot CRM

      Statistics & Analysis

      BI-driven customer service management and user operation

      Agent workload analysis, satisfaction analysis

      Contact records, customer lists, labels, all stored in Sobot CRM

      Real time monitoring, trend monitoring

      Sobot APP

      Service with mobile APP anytime, anywhere

      Reception and deliver service on mobile APP

      Real-time processing & monitoring

      Undertake PC operation, adapt to mobile scenes

      One-stop Solution

      Optimize your business by industry-leading customer contact solutions


      Statistics & Analysis

      Open API platform

      Customer support

      Sales & Operations

      Open API

      Seamlessly connect with other systems

      Open and flexible, easy to streamline your agent workflows with Sobot API

      On-premise Service

      Our professional team provides not only SaaS but also on-premise service

      Customized service

      Data privatization

      Open API platform

      Exclusive services

      Trusted by

      Multiple brands and companies

      3C Omnichannel AI Assistance

      We support omnichannel reception for Samsung 3C products,including internal service workflow, AI & Agent cooperation and VIP shopping guide & customer service, with positive feedback reaching 96% +.

      3C Live Chat & Chatbot Social Media Intergration

      We help OPPO online store build live chat and knowledge base for Sales & Service team as well as social media message management system. The efficiency of customer service team has incredibly improved to a new level, with 82% + chatbox resolution rate and 93%+ positive feedback.

      Finance Multi-language Multichannel integration

      We provide multi-language system to match the user coverage in Opay's overseas market expansion, with multi-channel unified access and centralized processing system, and to form a closed-loop service, increasing efficiency by 100%.

      Life Science Live Chat & Chatbot Knowledge Base

      Agilent uses our customer service system to guarantee the timely reception of unfamiliar visitors to product inquiries, and to provide one-on-one dedicated customer service resolution services for registered and paid users. Customers can quickly find the professional skills group, to achieve 0 delay waiting service quality.

      Luxury Omnichannel CRM Ticket

      MK has partnered with us to construct their pre-sales and after-sales services through our omnichannel customer service series products, including live chat, call center and ticket system, which improve the chatbot resolution rate to 88% and deliver brand service value to a large extent.

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